Divinely Guided

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the Vibe for Today: Divinely Directed. Just for today, feel the flow and just let go…just for today 
the Color for Today is Silver/Grey – Think Wealth & Endurance. Feel the Feminine energy of N2wishIn 
As I prepare to deliver the message at the IMM Graduation/Convention in beautiful Sedona AZ, this upcoming May 8th, I’m reminded that most often, as glitches come and go – let it flow, cause there’s a reason for the delay in getting our way. It’s ALL in Divine Order; Favor comes and we can sit back and savor the outcome.
The Creator creates the Way…as it should BE

Thought Massage: It doesn’t matter how hard you think it is, or how unattainable it may seem. If it were impossible for you, then it simply wouldn’t be your Dream.
Key: Believe in Your Dream

Thought Reflections: “What do you look forward to today”?
Thought Reflections: TAPN2U Self Recovery Cards
Thought Massage: “Thought Massage – Message to Massage Your Mind” {Intuitive Guide}
Anita C Powell, Msc.D
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Blessings & Butterflies


          My granbaby, Kynedi Marie was over one day and she said she wanted to make a book with me, specifically a Butterfly book.  She said she liked butterflies.  I said, “okay” and we began to gather what we needed to make her special Butterfly book.  We got the construction paper, a pair of scissors, crayons and a glue stick.  She took 7 pieces of the beige construction paper from the booklet and I folded each paper in half, making the start of what will be a 14 page book.  She took out one of the glue sticks out of the plastic bag it was contained in and I began to press the stick onto the left and right sides of the paper spine.  She put a sheet on top of the one that had the glue, but it kept coming apart…it wouldn’t stick.  Okay, a challenge.  She asked if there was something else we could use and I immediately remembered that I had a roll of two-sided tape.  I went and got the tape out of my office, and from the top of the paper to the bottom, I added the two-sided tape.  Perfect!  It held.  On each page, I placed the tape on the paper, she pressed down on the tape to make sure it adhered and then with her little fingers, she slowly removed the protective shield from the other side of the tape, before adding another sheet of paper.  Now that all of the pages are held together she numbered them and she began drawing butterflies, pretty, colorful butterflies.  They almost looked as pretty as she.

After a while, her hands were getting a little tired from making those pretty butterflies and just like that, we had an idea.  We decided to google butterflies off the net and print out a couple of pages.  She selected her butterfly; I cut it out and we glued it onto the pages of her book.  Using a myriad of colors, my granbaby brought her vision of butterflies to site.

As we were making the book, she selected a couple of declaration cards of I Am, I Will and I Can and filled them in with a noun, a verb and an adjective.  She’s a smart little cookie.  One by one, she added those declarations to her Butterfly book.  After about an hour or so, Kynedi’s Beautiful Book of Butterflies had manifest.

My granbaby clarified her creativity, she saw clearly in her mind what she wanted to do; she validated her vision – she believed she could make this book and began to do it; she pursued her passion, she knew what she wanted, saw a challenge, sought a solution, and brought in another component to making her book; She professed her purpose, she wanted to make her book with me, and because she like butterflies.  My granbaby manifested her mission, she saw the clarity of her creativity – she made her book using construction paper, scissors, crayons, tape, with the help of her granma.

Days later I thought about our project and thought clarifying our creativity is the genesis to manifesting our mission.

Hummm, let’s think about this for a moment.  If we want to catch a butterfly to let it gently rest in the palm of our hand and enjoy the beauty of the butterfly, we first have to know what a butterfly looks like and what a butterfly is, what do you think? Right?

So, in order to flow through the continuum of manifesting our mini missions and our major mission in life, we first shall clarify our creativity.  To catch a dream and weave it into manifestation is to clarify our creativity…just like my granbaby did.

Self Recovery is Beautiful so are You…in lifelightlove breathe your Dream True

Restorative Renewing

Grand Rising & Good Morning 
The Vibe for today is “Restorative Renewing.Looking

The Thought Massage for the day is: “Back in the day, my hobbies were…Today my hobbies are…Are they similar?

The color for today is Great Green. Green represents Growth.

Sometimes we want to go back to glean upon want it is we really yearn for today. I remember ~ on February 6, 2015, I sat on the edge of my bed and involved myself with the first Treasure Map Experience. After finishing it that day, I strolled down Memory Lane, as my pictures reflected those things I used to like to do as a child. I saw images of what I wanted to do when I grew up. Once I reflected on my “Treasure Map or Prayer Portrait” (sometimes I refer to my Map as a Treasure Map, sometimes I say Prayer Portrait), I placed it in a binder.
This was the beginning of my TM/PP portfolio.

Months later as I was again strolling down Memory Lane, looking at the TM/PP’s I’ve since completed, I stopped at the very first one. As clear as day, it popped out at me that I Am a Markswoman. I like to hit the mark and just as important, I like to help others hit their mark. What a Beautiful Moment of Self Recovery. Yup, sometimes we want to go back to learn more about Beautiful Us ~ that’s Growth  Today’s a Fabulous Friday to do just that 
Be Blessed 

The Journey, Self Recovery is Beautiful and so are You – TAPN2U and live LIFE from the Inside/out.

Photo Credit:  Diego Torres

Thought Massage: Self Recovery Cards by Anita Caprice, Msc.D.
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What am I thinking?

Good Morning 
The Vibe for today is TAPN2U14956530_10207539850842613_9161298866213081613_n
The Thought Massage for the day is: Thoughts are Energy “What am I thinking this very moment?
The color for today is Grandeur Gold Masculine in nature.  Gold is intense and demands attention.

Today’s such a wonderful, Good day to make a concerted effort to think as often as you can:  God is in me and I am in God.  Give the Creator within ALL attention today.  Follow your hunches (those still-small whispers ~ that inner Tutelage).   Before any action, decision ~ go within and ask “what do I do?”  This very moment and moments throughout the day, think ~ God is in me and I am in God.  We are One.
Be Blessed  – TAPN2U 

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Unity Prayer

The Light of God surrounds us49345015_1352472684895058_2489556893815537664_n
The Love of God enfolds us
The Power of God Protects us
The Wisdom of God guides and directs us
The Knowledge of God whispers to us
The Prosperity of God abundantly provides for us

The Touch of God heals us
The Peace of God engulfs us

Wherever we are God IS and all IS Good
All IS Good because wherever we are God IS
Because God IS within us.
And thanx I give…and so it IS!!! TYFYHS

{Unity Prayer with addition by AnitaCaprice}

Practice Makes Better

Self ExpressionGood Morning 
The Vibe for today is “Self Expression”
The Thought Massage for the day is: “What Motivates Me?”
The color for today is Powerful Purple – Purple is the color of Wisdom.

Out of the Mouths of Babes…My oldest grandson was over last Thursday. We were talking about improvement by practicing something. He then said to me, “Practice makes Better. I don’t use the word perfect, cause nobody’s perfect, and there’s always something to learn”. I thought about that and smiled. He is so right! I love this. Then I rephrased that statement (in my head) to reflect his philosophy. Hummm, I felt a quiet confidence in me about the message I’m delivering this month, about me teaching myself on the keyboard. It made me feel really Good! I felt and said to myself, “no worries, the more I practice, the better it gets and I’ll reach that point of ‘knowing it by heart’ in my delivery and reach the point to turn the pages in my lesson book”. Oh, Yeah. “Practice Makes Better”  What motivates me today? Practicing, knowing I AM better 

Today’s a Good day for practicing. The result will prove it’s better than yesterday’s practice 
Be Blessed 

Photo taken from:  International Creativity Foundation
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